good day

Slept half a day away, jason is right about how I keep sleeping.
but really, am i wasting my life away while sleeping?
I'm not sure, I actually really enjoy a good sleep.

11 days to the end of the year.
I am sitting at starbucks (whats new)
trying to get some work done because all i do at home is sleep
which was great. I haven't had such a good sleep in a while.

Just saw a post saying, "You can fall in love in 4 mins"
No way, so here I am writing about my two cents worth on love or my ignorance of love
I can't fall in love at first sight, that, I know.
If finding someone attractive equates to falling in love, I might have fallen in love a million times over. haha there's just too many attractive people in the world.

That aside, I'm seriously wondering what the hell is love?

ironically love,