i have to do something

I've read great things today and figured out plenty, thanks to the great german weather -  it is easy to stay home and not feel suffocated.

constantly being inspired, i feel like a sponge just taking things in. There's so much on my mind, but so difficult to execute them. It is either due to my awful self-activated inertia or the lack of skill set to make them real. they're always in my brain, and then they go missing...

i know that is a problem, and i will change it. i have to

brain thoughts:
texture - graphic (start now)
white shirts -celebration of colour
primary colours confetti
photoshop idea - face covered, primary colours
another name
mighty men
i'm not sure
sustainable urbanism (start printing tmr)
cut sites
left over space gridded
green space
study of streets
how much space is for green
gridded green space within cut up mini scale space of residential