Efficiency ?

In name of efficiency.

I stumbled upon an article of the beautiful bus-stops that were constructed during the golden age of soviet's architecture (X) . Such character & effort in merely a small shelter for temporal occupants. I can't help wondering the impact of these characterful artworks in the space it occupies.

The influence of these structure not more than 3 by 6 (approximately) have on the larger surroundings. It acts almost like a landmark & perhaps a node as well. I would definitely remember that crazy blue wave-like bus stop and marvel at it en routine my way home. That bus stop becomes the environment.

We would wake up from a drowsy bus stop ride to check where we are, most of the time we look what is around instead of the bus stop because all the bus stops are the same. While those soviet's bus stops help a sleepy commuter immediately identify where he/she is. The identity of that area would inevitably be linked to the bus stop. The importance of an entrance is unarguable and bus stops are in fact one of them. Bus stops are entrances to towns or districts yet the negligence on their designs puzzles me.