may you rest in peace

& she left

i tried to speak to her too late

must have tiring, i hope you rest well.
ive forgotten why we stopped talking
ive forgotten how we drifted apart
but i do rem all the times both of us went exploring together

you had this bus guide
and both of us just took all the buses around
from eating meatballs to haji lane to far east
we took so many buses that day
& you loved those meatballs
sadly, they're never as good anymore
so no worries, you're not missing out

i rem you fell off the tall science lab chairs once
we were lab partners
you blamed me for not saving you
but hey, you were rocking on them
nevertheless a funny moment in those years

i rem the maggie noodles you cooked
man, they were tasteless
you barely put any seasoning in
you were so healthy

i rem you as prom queen
i'm glad you were

we may not have spoken too much ever since we left secondary school
but thank you hongyu. Thank you for growing up with me.
Thank you for adding these nodes in my life.
we might not have been the best of friends since i dont know what happened
but thanks. I love to explore all these places with you. we called it our 'exploring' time.
I remember you love them equally much.

we tried to fix another to take as many buses
but somehow it never happened.
I'm sorry for not replying ur letter when we graduated.
I'm really sorry.