'stuck time'

haha pardon my profanity, that's how we roll.

I'm on a bus that is one freaking hour from home and not forgetting
the 15 minutes walk back after.

Oddly so, I enjoy it.
Well, not all the time.
Definitely not when I'm late.
Yet, once in a long while, you'll find a bus that brings you to your
destination in an hour and i find it refreshing to be stuck somewhere
for an hour with nothing else to do. It's 'stuck time'.
I like 'stuck time'.
I can read.
I can write.
I can just stare in space.
I can think.
I can really listen to music.

Unlike a single journey, multiple change in transit can be amazingly
tiring - changing from MRT to bus within 15 mins, bus to MRT in 5 then to bus again (yes, you get it).
It occupies me when I'm late, always wondering if I can hop on the next vehicle in time.
But sometimes, I wish the bus I boarded continues the rest of the journey
(Sadly, it never happens).

As I grew older, single transit journey became a rare occurrence.
'Being-stuck-on-the-bus' time almost cease to exist, cuz somehow
destinations become a complex manipulation of public transport
to reduce traveling time. Life speeds up. Life is always on the move.

I have less time to stare in space.

It might seem ridiculous that I'm lamenting about the lack of time to
stare in space. Perhaps, some might see it as a total waste of the oh-so-precious time.
To be constantly doing something - that's the new motto of the 21st century!

Man, I beg to differ. I'm tired.

Is this the fate of all contemporaries?
If the world is only gonna get faster...
damn, G'luck to the 22nd century.

I'm 15 mins away from my bus stop