1Q84 Horowitz Chopin 1985

Hi blog, it's been a while since I'd been here.
Or perhaps it felt like a long while.
Many events came and went by

As for today, I'd spend most of the hours sleeping
while I was awake, time was spend in the cafe near
home reading 1Q84.

At chapter 3.
Curious what happened to 9?
Why has it been replaced by Q?


My old discman had been dug up
thanks to bella

Been listening to a disc
i bought when i was 15/16
can't quite remember or
perhaps younger

Horowitz - The Last Romantic
those were the days when i only enjoyed classical music,
funny how i thought words were utterly redundant & useless.
how much i've changed

While listening to it,
i wondered how an 81 year old moves so quickly
after watching the video, i'm doubting he's 81.
It must be my misconception of the elderly

this is my favourite, recorded in 1985 in his living room.
so closely dated to 1Q84, isn't it?