Mad House

Architecture school is a mad house. I've lost track of what I've taken, what had come by and all.

The last time I remember I was suppose to blog about two door. Just realised I just my SD card (Y).  Life had been a beautiful mess these days. Let's simplify things to have some order

1. First day of school / Two Door Cinema Club
2. Lost my wallet; realised minutes before the concert
3. Went into a frenzy 
4. Found my wallet after 15 minutes of running around, the security found it. 
5. Went to two door, best time ever! crowd was amazing
6. Built a pinhole camera for the school assignment
7. Peranakan Museum & Nagore Darhol Shrine
8. Substation Gallery
9. School
10. School drawing crazy lines
11. Didn't go home
12. Review
13. Home
14. Sister's Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE!)
15. Lost my earphone pouch which contains my SD card for all my photos
16. Despair / all my photos of two door and the weekend is gone
17. Troubled i need my SD card
18. In school again

Madness for a week. Though I lost my photos but I've my pinhole pictures to show.