Salutation / Farewell

Hello all !

Yes, I haven't been blogging for the pass 3 days & it really takes something to break my daily blogging routine. Well, I'd been spending immense amount of time on ebay trying to bid for a camera & damn, let me tell you it isn't easy to win a bid at all. Don't be surprised, I lost 9 bids altogether. After all the warring, anxiety & heart breaks, you guys have to see my new baby!

Seeing a new one comes, the old one has to go. I'm saying good bye to my Holga & would really like to send it to a nice new owner so I'm selling the entire set away at 55 dollars which includes: 1. 120GN Holga + Holga Fisheye lens (Originally priced at 110). Barely used it, probably taken about 10 plus or minus rolls w it only. Do drop me an email at gellyvieve@hotmail.com if you're interested (price negotiable). Meetups / Postage

Please do take note that Holga 120GN uses 120mm film. I usually tape my holga thoroughly to prevent light leak so theres a bit of tape sticks as you can see.

Help fund me! Lotsa love from the jellyfish :)