A day in july

1. Coffee babychino at Pigeonhole / 
2. Paper rings of Mabs & I / 
3. "Greatest orange juice" (claimed by mabs) & cute little treats after 9 / 

As the long vacation slowly nearing its end, I can't help but to wonder how it went by. Hm, so here is a little post about july, july. Drastic changes are coming, I can feel it.

It's rather upsetting that as this new journey begins, a close friend is on her way to a whole new different path from mine.

I guess this long break I had, was all about losing myself with such lovely company.  How dreadful that I can't relive this amazing 9 months of nothingness. Going to different food-places, shopping for vintage and just purely catching up w good old pals. It was an absolute comfort zone. Great, but life wouldn't be life if I could live it this way. It's time to step out of this little circle & to seek a great perhaps - time to embark on a great adventure! But how confusing that I'm torn between dreads & anticipations.

Ah july, july, you're a troubled month.