Polariod [Im]possible

Oliviero Toscani: "Andy Warhol with Camera" - 1974, Polaroid Type 105

Paul Huf - 1977, Polaroid Type 808

Patrick Nagatani: "Cinema II" - 1986, Polaroid Spectra

Mark Morrisroe: "Nyph-o-maniac" - 1983, Polaroid 35mm Polachrome

Paul de Nooijer: "Fancy Cake IV" - 1977, Polaroid SX-70 (My favourite)

Minor White: "Boundary Mountain, Benton, California" - 1959, Polaroid Type 52

Sahin Kaygun: "Nude" - 1983, Polaroid 600 HS

Over 350 Polaroids by various artists, ranging from Andy Warhol to Ansel Adams, have just gone on show at the Westlicht Museum of Photography in Vienna, representing over 40 years of Polaroid photography. It was in the 60s when Edwin Herbert, inventor of the Polaroid, provided contemporary artists with the means to create Polaroids, encouraging them to experiment with the versatile medium.

The exhibition, entitled "Polaroid [Im]possible", will also have contemporary works by artists like Nobuyoshi Araki and Daido Moriyama, who are working with Polaroid's new Impossible instant image material, on show.

"Polaroid [Im]possible" will be running from 17 June through 21 August, 2011.

Westlicht Museum of Photography
Westbahnstra├če 40
1070 Vienna

(via HUH Magazine)